27. Juni 2018

TRAUMSCHIFF – get ready to sing, swing and swim!

Are you looking to get away from the city? Want to take a mini-vacation to the sea? Always wanted to see what life was like aboard a cruise ship? Then THIS is the show for you! Climb aboard and join us as we travel across the ocean… all in one evening! With romance, drama, and a lot of laughs, you’re sure to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience!

Come in your favourite sailing holiday outfit! NO PIRATES ALLOWED! Cocktails are prepared!

Mittwoch 27. Juni. Beginn: 19:30
Einlass 19 Uhr / Freie Spende!
Cafe Kreuzberg, Neustiftgasse 103, 1070 Wien.

Our crew: Katrina Buchberger, Dorian Puchinger, Marie Brittain, Lucy Coatman, Lisa Marie Peter, Lilly Maaß, Paolina Neugebauer, Verena Schiller

Musikalische Leitung/Piano: Florian Paul Ebner
Geige: Daniel Allison
Regie und Konzept: Alexandra Schöler-Haring
Special guests: Bester Chor vor der Autobahn

In association with the Jam Music Lab Conservatory