11. Oktober 2019

pop:sch Live in Brno!! WARM-UP FEASTING

Feasting doesn’t have to be just about full bellies!

The feast edition of your favorite queer party offers variety of genres. The love will flow. Let’s get seduced by opulent music. Identities will be presented on silver plates- taste as many as you want during the event! This year’s harvest is simply so delicious!

The heat will be just right. This time, the event will take place in the club Trojka, whose patio calls us to enjoy the end of summer outside, but they also have enough indoor space in case of bad weather.

As far as culture goes, Vienna’s queer scene is sending us two of its carefully guarded gems again: We had a chance to see mayr, the queer feminist electro-punk solo band, a few years ago, but there’s NEVER enough genderfuck and feminism. So, we are happy that they are coming back!


Even though they aren’t exactly newbies, pop:sch will play in Brno for the first time – and from what we have heard about them, their electro is quite pop-ish and one would even say that it’s fun!


When it comes to Frau Frankenstein und spüllboys, don’t be confused by their name. They are fully made Czechoslovak and they are at home in Brno. They are back after a long break and changes in their lineup ‒ and most importantly, their hearts are in the right place. This can’t be anything but good.


For the after-party we’ll move to the basement, the so called Mínus Trojka, where we can shake it till the morning. Bratislava’s and Brno’s Diskoteror Sound System with their audiovisual trash inferno probably doesn’t need an introduction. Certainly they have already managed to disappoint or excite you at some point (they can do both at the same time). DJ Vesnu is from Bratislava and even though he also doesn’t take himself too seriously, there is no doubt about his musical ability. The local queer parties have long been adoring him and lately he has been going up even beyond them. Now, he will bring some of his unleashed energy to you too!